​Get the most relevant life-changing knowledge

In the year 2021, the DigiU.Education platform is ge...
​Get the most relevant life-changing knowledge

In the year 2021, the DigiU.Education platform is getting some very exciting updates: we are launching several new courses!

✅ The first course in the new year will be on Goal-setting.
It focuses on how to set goals to achieve them successfully. The course includes motivating techniques, useful planning tips and practical exercises that you can follow as you watch. This course will help you achieve what you want and not stop halfway towards your goal.

🌟 Alexey Ognev, CEO of a successful international IT company, will be the speaker of the Goal Setting course. Alexey Ognev has extensive business experience and knows very well how to achieve challenging goals and make the most ambitious plans come true.

✅ The next course will be about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
This course will help you understand how the breakthrough blockchain technology works and teach you its ins and outs. Blockchain is now at its peak and is on the list of technologies that will change the world in the next 5 years. You will also understand why cryptocurrency is the future, how you can make money from it, and why bitcoin hit another all-time peak of $40,000 in the first week of January.

🌟 The course speaker is DigiU's CIO, Boris Povar. He has extensive practical knowledge and significant experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Boris is the head of DigiU's blockchain lab, an experimental division of the ecosystem. Its main task is to research and develop promising projects that can bring the company and its investors profit.

👥 Our first course on venture capital investment is already available in Russian, French and Indonesian. And very soon this and all future courses will be available in all project languages!

DigiU also plans to release courses on financial literacy, marketing and social media promotion. These courses will help you get the necessary knowledge to set up and run your own business successfully!

We always appreciate your feedback so that you can develop and earn with DigiU. What future skills and professions would you like to learn? Write in the comments 👉

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